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Word Bucket - The language learning app for your classroom

Word Bucket Logo When was the last time you implemented technology in your classroom? When was the last time you, as a student was aided by technology in class? If your school is anything like our English summer program I am guessing apps and technology have been used quite a bit.

The proliferation of language learning apps in recent years has been outstanding. Language learners now stand high above those twenty years ago because technology has allowed us to learn and practice on the go and more importantly, effectively.

Today I want to introduce a little gem I found on the web a few weeks ago which we at D'Angon Academy are eager to put into action during this summer's English camp.

Word Bucket is an app for iOS and Android that completely vanishes your need to look words up in a dictionary or jot them down to remember. Additionally it lets you learn and practice these words and it is available for 11 different languages.
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Let me paint a picture for you: You're reading a magazine or a book. You find a word you don't know, you memorize it or write it down. What happens next? You either forget the word or look it up later never to be used again. Right? That scenario has a vastly different outcome when you have an app like Word Bucket. Now you can use the app to save that word and it actually enables you to learn it, use it, practice it. Now you find yourself incorporating that word regularly in your conversations.

Word Bucket Logo I was lucky enough to ask Robert Hanley (@teachifiedgamer) - one of the creators - a few questions about the app and it was very insightful and refreshing to know that Word Bucket was created as a supplement for language learners. Yes there are very good and useful apps out there but Robert and his team have created something that teachers and students alike can add to their toolbox that will actually see results in certain ways that other language apps don't provide. - "It's a tool that helps language learners - not an alternative to a class or real world practise, but a supplement - in the way a dictionary and a notebook would, combined with some cool games to help you learn the words you add to your Bucket"

You can read - and I encourage you to do so - my Q&A with Robert if you'd like to learn more about why Word Bucket was created and what it can do for you.

If you have been hesitant to use apps or technology in your classroom or as a student I highly encourage you to do so. Ignoring the benefits that tech and apps like Word Bucket provide can slow down or effectively impede your progress as a language learner.

Have you tried Word Bucket yet? Do you use any kind of technology in your classroom or language learning quest? Let me know below.

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is the Marketing and Finance Director of the English Summer Camp - D'Angon Academy.
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