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We believe it is our duty to provide each child with the best resources available for English learning. Both - human and technological resources are leveraged at The D'Angon Academy to ensure that your child's linguistic and safety needs are met at all times.

Watch Live It is also our duty to provide you with peace of mind and security that your child is learning and having a fantastic summer experience. This is why we employ a combination of apps and wireless technology to teach your child English and to show you - the parent - what your child is doing during the day, LIVE.

For you:

- Daily photos to your e-mail
In addition to our live broadcasts we also send you daily images of our activities to your email. You will always know what we are doing and how much fun your child is having.

Chromecast image For your child:

- Chromecast
Our English lessons are filled with exercises and activities but we also use Google's Chromecast to project videos and presentations that aid in your child's learning.

- Apps
Word Bucket Logo During lessons and during our daily excursions to California's most popular attractions we make use of very effective and fun apps to build each child's vocabulary and English syntax. Some of the apps we use with every child are Word Bucket and Duolingo.

- Hardware
We highly encourage children to bring their tablets and/or phones. This will not only facilitate communication with their parents but it will also ensure they can use the apps during activities on in their free time.

Our teachers use iPads, laptops, Chromecast and phones during tech activities.

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