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March 7, 2014

Quiz: How culturally ready for the future is your child?

It’s no secret that the world is continually coming together culturally and linguistically like never before. Universities, businesses, and governments all around the world increasing rely on employees who are skilled in diplomacy and cultural understanding. Intolerance is not being tolerated. It will take more than just a decent education to achieve success in our global economy… Is your kid ready for it?

Take the quiz. Here’s how the points work. a = 0, b = 1, c = 2, & d = 3. Add them up and see how your child is doing at the end.

1) My child has a passport
a. No
b. Yes

2) When it's time to board an airplane, my child
a. Freaks out completely – this is just too scary
b. Nervously holds my hand, but boards without incident
c. Jumps up and down with excitement: Yay- We're going somewhere new!
d. Just boards like this is nothing new - he/she has done this many times before

3) When my child sees another culture presented on television, he/she
a. Says: That is so weird, I'm glad we are not like that
b. Inquisitevily asks more questions about what he/she is seeing
c. Says: That reminds me of when we visited _______

4) My child knows a second language
a. No
b. A few words here and there
c. Yes, at least enoigh to carry on a simple conversation
d. He/She has mastered a second language and started learning his/her third

5) My child feels this about his/her country:
a. He/She feels that it is the greatest country on earth (feels it is superior to all others) and feels sorry for anyone who doesn't live there
b. He/She is proud of their nationality but shows a genuine interest in other cultures
c. He/She is loyal to their country, but recognizes and appreciates strengths of other countries. He/She does not feel superior to citizens of other countries

6) My child has been to this many countries (besides the one he/she lives in):
a. 0
b. 1-3
c. 4-6
d. 6+

7) My child can recognize this many flags of other countries:
a. Just our own
b. 1-3
c. 4-6
d. 6+

8) My child feels this way about the belief system of others cultures:
a. They are wrong, I feel so sorry for them
b. Is non-judgemental, but uninterested in learning about them
c. Appreciates them and reads/asks questions to understand more about them

0-4 points: Parents – time to examine your own beliefs and what you really want for your child. Your kid is on a downhill path leading to racism and intolerance, and he/she is probably learning it from you. This could severely limit his/her professional, academic and social relationships and success in the future.

5 - 12: Not too bad! You are raising a child who has a decent foundation of cultural appreciation. From here, he or she can build even more cultural knowledge and appreciation setting him/her on the course for success in school, the workplace, and in social events. By setting your child’s attitude in the right spot, you’ve kept the roadblocks out of the way – now keep on building!

13-19: Your child is on his way to the U.N.! Your child’s advanced cultural knowledge and appreciation will make him/her a key player in important business transactions, NPO start-ups, and government diplomacy. He or she will unquestionably make the world a better place. Nice work Mom & Dad!

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Until next time!

About the author:
Barbara Dangond is the Executive Director of the English Summer Camp - D'Angon Academy.
For more on Barbara and the Language Program please visit the website. You can get in touch with her at

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