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1. Does my child need a visa to attend the camp in the U.S.?
A) Yes. A tourist visa to the United States is required. A student visa is not required.

2. What type of teacher support will my child receive?
A) D'Angon is committed to a 1 to 5 teacher-student ratio. Your child's teacher will be with him/her during all classroom activities and daily excursions. All teachers reside on campus during the academy's sessions creating the optimal learning environment for your child.

3. My child has dietary restrictions (allergies, religious, etc.) How will this be accommodated?
A) The food service staff can accommodate all dietary needs including vegetarian and vegan. All meals are healthful and prepared with fresh California produce. Simply state your child's special dietary needs on the application and they will be accommodated.

4. How will any sicknesses/health issues be handled?
A) D'Angon takes every measure to provide a safe environment for your child. Should a medical emergency arise, your child will be treated at a nearby hospital. We have a first aid office on site. You will be required to show proof of medical insurance for your child prior to their arrival.

*You can acquire medical tourist insurance online at a very low cost.*

5. How will I be able to communicate with my child?
A) All students are encouraged to bring a tablet, smartphone or laptop to our facilities and enjoy the use of our WiFi Internet access. Use of cell phones may be limited during classroom instruction and during certain excursions.

Photos of the days events and activities will be sent to you on a daily basis after activities end.

6. How can I pay for tuition?
A) Tuition payment can be made via wire transfer, check or credit card for your convenience. Please see our Contact Us page for Mailing information.

7. What is the registration process?
A) Your child must first submit an application. If your child is selected to be a D'Angon participant you will receive an acceptance notification within two to three days after the application is submitted. At that time you may make travel arrangements for your child. We will welcome your child on their arrival date!

You can apply to the camp by going to our Application page.

8. What does the tuition include?
Tuition includes:
1. Outstanding academic English instruction
2. All lodging
3. All meals and snacks
4. Admission tickets to all excursions
5. Transportation in California from and to the airport as well as to excursions

*Your child may want to bring some spending money for souvenirs*

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