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July 6, 2013

United we stand

What it means and what it can mean in a multicultural world

United we stand Last Thursday was the 4th of July here in the United States. For our readers outside of the U.S. this is a day where not only do we celebrate 237 years (to date) of independence but we also gather with our family and friends to share a meal, usually burgers or hot dogs, and have a good time.

By all means a day to unite with others and be proud to be a part of this nation. Being a part of nation, whether citizen or resident can mean many things to different people. But no matter what definition we use, every one of us is part of something bigger, more significant. We are in a way united by a nationality, a language.

The term "United We Stand" has been widely used by nations and states as a motto of unity and strength. In India for example UWS was used as a way to get support for independence from the British Empire. It also saw use in Ross Perot's political campaign here in the U.S. in 1992. After the horrific events of September 11, 2001 the phrase took a much more prominent role in the nation's culture. This 4th of July you could see signs of "United We Stand" on cars and posters across cities as a demonstration of support and celebration of independence.

In light of today's society and world events the phrase is more powerful than ever. What does it mean to be united? As educators and coaches we must value and respect not only each other but most importantly the children we so diligently thrive to impact and educate. It cannot only be applied to a nation in distress or comic book story lines. Society must be united in the quest for a better and more prolific life for all. An industry of teachers, educators et al. needs to be united towards the same goal with our students so we can be a part of the change, moreover if it means interacting and sharing with multiple cultures and languages.

Educators by default have a mindset of aiding and helping others in achieving things. What better career than education to promote a stance of unity of values, ideals, languages and ethics? The beauty of it is we can all be educators regardless of the chosen income generating activity we perform. Maybe when we all have this ingrained in our minds and actions we can truly say that we stand united.

What about you, what does United We Stand mean to you and your profession?

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